Woodcutting is a skill that is based around chopping trees down with an axe. Leveling the skill gives you increased chances of extra wood dropping from trees, as well as extra duration on the tree feller ability.


Tree Feller Edit

Make trees explode

Tree Feller is an active skill that allows you to chop down entire trees by only breaking one block. To use Tree Feller, right-click while holding an axe to ready your tool. With the tool ready, chop a block of wood or giant mushroom to activate the skill. Tree Feller only breaks blocks at the same height and higher than the block that is chopped, so cutting the middle of a tree will leave a stump. At level 0, tree feller lasts for 2 seconds, and it increases by 1 second every 50 levels. The ability has a cooldown between uses that lasts 240 seconds (4 minutes). Tree feller does not break trees larger than 500 blocks.

When using Tree Feller, the de will be decreased by as much as if each log/huge mushroom block had been broken individually. If one's axe should break while Tree Feller is active, the user will suffer eight damage (MineCraftWholeHeartMineCraftWholeHeartMineCraftWholeHeartMineCraftWholeHeart) and a message will appear reading, "Your axe splinters into dozens of pieces!". The surrounding logs/huge mushroom blocks will remain intact, apart from the one on which the axe was broken.

Leaf BlowerEdit

Blow away leaves
Locked until level 100 woodcutting

Leaf Blower is an ability that will cause leaf blocks to break instantly when hit with an axe. When destroyed using Leaf Blower, a leaf block has a 10% chance of dropping its respective sapling. The leaves do durability damage to the axe and make a popping sound when broken.

Double DropsEdit

Double the normal loot

Double drops is a passive skill that allows you to gain two items instead of one when chopping any log or giant mushroom block that was either generated by the world or grown. The chance to get double drops increases by 0.1% per level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000.



  • Create a large grove of birch trees, then chop down and replant as many trees as possible.
  • Create a mushroom tree by bonemeal mushroom on mycelium.
  • Equally shortest space allowable for spruce trees to grow without letting the trees too big for tree feller to work.
  • Use Tree Feller to maximize leveling speed for all types of trees.
  • Cut tree using Efficient V axe and run with ender pearls or speed potion to reach fully growth trees faster to maximize each tree feller per usage in early levels or in higher levels.


Please note that the values listed below are the default values, which may be different on servers with custom configurations.

Block Experience
Acacia Wood 90
Birch Wood 90
Dark Oak Wood 90
Jungle Wood 100
Oak Wood 70
Spruce Wood 80