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2011-08-20 00001The result of said woodcutting.
Tool Used
  • Stoneaxe Axe
Interacts With
  • Wood Wood
  • Leaves Leaves
  • Tree Feller (Active)
  • Leafblower (Passive (From level 100))
  • Double Drop (Passive)
Woodcutting is a skill in McMMO that is leveled by breaking wood. The special ability Tree Feller allows a player to chop down large portions of a tree by only chopping one block. Leaf Blower, a passive ability which allows the user to instantly break leaves, is unlocked at level 100. Increasing your Woodcutting level will also increase your chance to receive double drops from chopping down trees.

Tree FellerEdit

To activate Tree Feller, right-click with an axe and break a wood block.

Upon Activation (Hitting a Log of Wood): Makes the tree (small, medium, or large) drop all of the wood there instead of leaving blocks floating.

It has a default cooldown of 5 minutes, changeable in the config.yml file and loss of durability.

If the axe breaks while Tree Feller is activated the player will be damaged and a message will appear reading "Your axe splinters into dozens of pieces!". The surrounding wood blocks will remain intact.

Passive AbilitiesEdit


Leafblower is a skill that activates at level 100. With it you can clear leaves off of trees with a single swing of your axe.

Note: This skill impacts axe durability at twice the normal rate.

Double DropsEdit

Gives one the opportunity to get two log blocks from one. Chance of occuring is directly related to level, increasing by 0.1% each level.

Note: Does not work on logs placed by the player, but naturally generated ones. Ones from trees and saplings are considered naturally generated.


Experience Table countEdit

block xp
Acacia & Dark Oak Trees 90
Birch Trees 90
Spruce Trees 80
Oak Trees 70
Brown & Red Mushrooms 70
Jungle Trees 100

Experience Gaining TipsEdit

  1. Create a large birch tree farm, and chop down and replant as many trees as possible. Use Tree Feller for maximum leveling speed.
  2. Grow a 2x2 jungle tree and then use Tree Feller to get around 32000 xp from the trees.
  3. Use bonemeal on mushrooms and let them grow into huge mushrooms. Chop them down with an axe to recieve plenty of experience. Use a stone or iron axe and have repairing materials and an iron block closeby to gain repair experience also.
  4. Another solution is to set oak sappling next to each other, in a 4x4 range, and to grow them with bone meal. You could make this two time in a row: Go between the two trees, and use tree feller on the first, and quickly cut the second. You may gain a lot of xp if your axe is in good conditions.


MCMMO spotlight: Woodcutting updated 1.6.4

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