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Woodcutting, according to McMMO's in-game description, "is all about chopping down trees".

Experience in this skill can only be gained by breaking naturally-generated (not directly placed by a player) wood (logs) or huge mushroom blocks with an axe in hand.

Primary AbilitiesEdit

Tree Feller Edit

To activate Tree Feller, right-click while holding an axe and proceed to break the bottom-most block of a tree or huge mushroom. [note 1]

Doing so will cause the entire tree to break instantly, dropping all of its logs/huge mushroom blocks at once.

By default, this ability has a cooldown of 4 minutes and a duration of 2 seconds at level 0, increasing by 1 second for every 50 levels gained. [note 2]

If one's axe should break while Tree Feller is active, the user will suffer damage and a message will appear reading, "Your axe splinters into dozens of pieces!". The surrounding logs/huge mushroom blocks will remain intact, apart from the one on which the axe was broken. [note 3]

Notes Edit
  1. Breaking the bottom-most block is not strictly required, but is ideal. Keep in mind, however, that only the blocks above the one which was broken will be destroyed.
  2. Both the cooldown and duration can be edited in McMMO's "config.yml" file.
  3. When using Tree Feller, the durability of one's axe will be decreased by as much as if each log/huge mushroom block had been broken individually.
  4. If failing to perform Tree Feller (by breaking your axe or by trying to perform it before the cooldown time passes), accidentally breaking a wood block, and then placing it back again on the tree's trunk, using the ability on the same block won't work and will only break that block, wasting the ability and having to wait for it to refresh again. It's a good idea to be well prepared before performing Tree Feller, especially on huge jungle trees.
  5. Using tree feller on large trees (2x2 trees) doesn't give the full amount of xp. Chopping each log individually would grant more xp.
  6. Tree Feller respects a tool's unbreaking enchantment, decreasing the durability damage taken.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Leaf BlowerEdit

Leaf Blower is an ability that will cause leaf blocks (of any variety) to break instantly when hit with an axe. By default, this ability is unlocked at level 100. [note 1]

When destroyed using Leaf Blower, a leaf block has a 10% chance of dropping its respective sapling.

Double Drops: Edit

You get 0.1% increase per McMMO woodcutting level by default. [note 2]

Note Edit
  1. This will occur only when breaking logs which were generated naturally, i.e. through world generation, various console commands or the effects of bone meal on saplings. Player placed blocks will not work.


Table 1: Default Experience Gains for Breaking Certain Blocks with an AxeEdit

Block Type XP Gained for Each One Broken
Acacia Wood 90
Birch Wood 90
Dark Oak Wood 90
Jungle Wood 100
Oak Wood 70
Spruce Wood 80
Huge Mushroom (Brown/Red) 70

Quick and Dirty Experience Gaining TipsEdit

  1. Create a large grove of birch trees, then chop down and replant as many trees as possible. Use Tree Feller to maximize leveling speed.
  2. Grow as many spruce trees near each other and bonemeal them. Then use Tree Feller to chop them all down. Repeat.
  3. Create a giant mushroom farm and chop down the mushrooms and replant.


McMMO Spotlight: Woodcutting Updated 1.6.4

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