• Acs192

    Minecraft Talk

    April 21, 2012 by Acs192

    Hello person looking at this, I am Acs192 of Minecraft, and I am here to talk about Minecraft on Minecraft Talk. Please, if you have any questions, don't ask because I am a mean person. I am just kidding, anyway, lets get on our first topic: ores. Ores are basically anything that comes in the form a block that is a material from the Earth that is needed (atleast I think), like Iron Ore and Diamond Ore (so when you see Diamond Ore, don't say Diamonds because Diamonds are by there selfs without any rock on them, so say Diamond Ore instead of Diamonds). Anyway, let's get to the next topic, but before we do that, let's do the question of the day. Each Minecraft Talk will have a question of the day. Ok, here's the question. What is the best mom…

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