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MCMMO Unarmed Skill and Combat Skill Grinders03:48

MCMMO Unarmed Skill and Combat Skill Grinders

Unarmed Skill Informational Video

Unarmed Get smacked!
Tool Used
  • Hand Empty handed
Interacts With
  • Mobs (All)
  • Other players
  • Weaker blocks
  • Berserk (Active)
  • Iron Arm Style (Passive)
  • Arrow Deflect (Passive)
  • Disarm (Passive)
  • Iron Grip (Passive)

The Unarmed skill is when one uses their own fists to eliminate Mobs and opposing players.

Active Skill: BerserkEdit

Beserk is an activated ability which does a 50% increase in damage and it breaks weak blocks(sand, dirt, gravel) instantly. This means your maxed 10 damage can be increased to 64.8 damage with a strength potion, maxed unarmed, beserk and landing a critical.

Iron Fist StyleEdit

Iron Fist Style is a passive ability that increases the base unarmed combat damage. It starts at a 3 damage point bonus; added to the vanilla minecraft punch, it gives a total of 4 damage points, or 2 hearts. It increases by 1 point every 50 levels, until it hits a bonus of 8 damage, or 9 damage points total, at level 250.

Arrow DeflectEdit

Arrow Deflect is a chance for arrows shot at the player to do no damage. It increases by .05% per level, with a cap of 50% at level 1000. It only works with arrows shot by players, and does not work with arrows shot by mobs.


When the player hits an opponent while unarmed, there is a chance for the player to disarm the opponent, causing the weapon to be dropped. The chance increases .03333% per level, with a max of 33.33% at level 1000.

Iron GripEdit

Iron Grip gives a chance for a successful Disarm to be counteracted. The chance for a successful Iron Grip increases .1% every level, for a maximum of 100% at level 1000

Experience Gains Chart (per punch)Edit

Type Experience per hit
Spawner Mobs. None, unless specified by server
Hostile Mobs.

50 - 100 XP

Non-hostile mobs 40 XP

Player without armor

45 XP

Leather armor 30 XP
Iron and gold armor 30 XP
Diamond armor 45 XP

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