MCMMO Unarmed Skill and Combat Skill Grinders

MCMMO Unarmed Skill and Combat Skill Grinders

Unarmed Skill Informational Video

Unarmed McMMO Skill Edit

Unarmed is a skill where the player uses their fist to defend themselves. Unarmed skill may or may not gain experience from friendly or spawner mobs, depending on the server. At high level, your arm could do more damage than a diamond sword.

Passives/Abilities Edit

- Passive Skill: Iron Arm Style

- Passive Skill: Arrow Deflect

- Passive Skill: Disarm

- Passive Skill: Iron Grip

Berserker: Berserker is the ability gained from using Unarmed . To activate the skill you will have to 'Right Click' on a block, then hit a Mob/Player/Weak Block (Dirt, Sand, Gravel...) Berserker will be activated for a limited amount of time (Increases with leveling up)

check out this cool barrel rolex Benefits - Activating Berserker, makes your Unarmed Hits do 50% more Damage, and increases the speed at which you destroy Weak Blocks (Increases with levelling up Unarmed) In PvP this ability can win you the fight - Choosing the right moment to Burst down your enemy, can be key.

Iron Arm Style: Iron Arm Style adds extra damage to your normal hits using Fist. To start with, McMMO increases the Damage by 3. This scales by 1 extra attack damage every 50 levels, capping at level 250 with 8 damage increment. Note that Damage is reduced if hitting enemies using Armor. Mobs get a lot easier to kill though. This passive scales with Berserker Active (50% +damage on active)

Arrow Deflect: Increasing your Unarmed level, increases your chance of deflecting an incoming arrow. Deflecting enemy arrows has a chance to hit the person who fired the arrow, the chance is much lower than deflecting an arrow though.

+0.05% per level until max at 50% at level 1000

Disarm: Disarm is a very powerful weapon in PvP, it gives you a chance to make the enemy you are fighting drop their item held in their hand, this chance has a cap at 33% at level 1000, and can be used on everything held in hand (Sword, Bow, Notch Apples...) The item held in the hand will get dropped out of the person's inventory on to the ground, this will happen as if the person has thrown it him/herself. Both players can pick the dropped item back up, so be fast.

+0.0333...% per level until max of 33%

Iron Grip: Iron Grip increases your chance of not getting Disarmed yourself. Iron Grip has a cap at 100% at level 1000. It scales at 0.1% per level. Being level 1000 in Unarmed makes it impossible for you to then get unarmed, since your Iron Grip is 100%. This ability can prove extremely helpful fighting another player with high Unarmed.

XP Grinding Tips: As XP is only gathered from naturally spawned mobs and players, the most efficient way to get XP is killing zombie pigman in the Nether. While most people prefer to kill enderman due to their high health, zombie pigman has an XP multiplier of 3 while enderman are at 1. Thus, killing two zombie pigman will be equivalent to killing three enderman in terms of XP, while having to deal only 1/3rd of the damage.

PvP Example: Edit

Going into a battle with another player (As if you were level 1000 in unarmed) - A good tip is to do /inspect [Player name] to see their McMMO stats. Looking at their stats quickly, you can see his weaknesses, for example being under 1000 in unarmed, means you can disarm the person. Start off by going on a absolute rampage with your fist, using your Passives for example Arrow Deflect to get close, if he is trying to shoot you down with a bow until you get up close. Getting up close to him, activate your Berserk Active to increase your damage, and give you a good start (you might want use potions for a further advantage). While your Berserk is active, try to get as many hits off as possible, trying to disarm the enemy, when berserk runs out and the enemy is unarmed, switch to your sword (or theirs, depending who's is better) or axe to finish off the job, now that you have a clear advantage over your enemy. With Berserk, if you're in a bit of trouble, you can dig a quick hole under the enemy, allowing for a getaway, or to get situated (Drink pots, shift items, etc).


Experience Gains ChartEdit

Hostile Mobs 0
Iron golems 250 XP
Non-hostile mobs 50 XP
Leather armor 30 XP
Iron and gold armor 600 XP
Diamond armor

(All depends on enchants)|}