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Mcmmo Taming Tutorial Spotlight05:25

Mcmmo Taming Tutorial Spotlight

Taming is a skill in McMMO. As your level increases, your wolves will get abitities that increase damage, defense and other things.

While an interesting ability, the AI of wolves makes it sometimes difficult to be helpful, as they all target one enemy at the same time, and can't divide their focus. In a PVP server, having a pack of wolves and 400 taming skill will make you OP. Especially if that server allows players to get spawners. All you would need is a skeleton spawner and a wolf spawned and you can just jump into pvp area and watch your wolfs murder everyone.

Call of the Wild Edit

Beast LoreEdit

This skill allows you to inspect your wolves, horses or ocelots by left-clicking them with a bone. Note that left-clicking with anything else will damage your wolf, ocelot or horse.

Passive SkillsEdit

Note: Passive skills are skills activated by the pet wolf. These cannot be controlled by the player.

Gore (All levels)Edit

Whenever tamed Wolves attack a target, there is a chance that they will inflict a critical strike that applies bleed. The chance goes up 0.1% per level to get a Gore, to a maximum of 100% at level 1000. This passive is extraordinary for PVP as it will deal 2 hearts of damage to your target. This means that if your attacking a protection 4 diamond armor player, 5 lucky hits will kill him. As your skill rises lucky hits will slowly become regular hits.

Fast Food Service (50+)Edit

Fast Food Service gives a 50% chance for your wolves to heal on attack, and to give you minor food.

Environmentally Aware (100+)Edit

The skill "Environmentally Aware" comes after your taming reaches past level 100. This skill grants your summoned wolves the ability of teleporting to you when nearing cacti or lava. This also allows your wolf to be immune to fall damage.

Thick Fur (250+)Edit

With Thick Fur, your wolves take 1/6 damage and are immune to fire and lava damage. The best skill by far when you want your wolfs to survive.

Holy Hound (375+)Edit

Holy Hound causes your wolves to be healed with poison and magic.

Shock Proof (500+)Edit

Shock Proof causes your wolves to take 1/10 damage from explosions

Sharpened Claws (750+)Edit

Sharpened Claws makes your wolves deal an extra four damage per hit (2 heart). Dealing a total of 10 damage (5 hearts).

Experience TableEdit

This chart details the amount of experience gained from taming the respective animals.

Animal Exp
Horse 1000
Ocelot 500
Wolf 250

This chart details the amount of experience gained from taming these mobs in the wild.

The amount of Exp you get from taming is scaled by the amount of damage each of your wolves deal when they attack something. You gain 10 Exp for each half a heart of damage your wolf does when striking. The Exp is calculated before any armor reduction.

Leveling upEdit

Taming HorsesEdit

Find a biome where horses spawn, and tame as many as possible. Taming horses will give huge amounts of xp compared to killing mobs with wolves or taming other animals. It is easy to tell if the horse is tamed and if you breed the horses, the resulting baby is not tamed, so feel free to breed and tame horses. but you need a gold apple or carrot to breed them.

Attacking Mobs Edit

Tame a bunch of wolves, and either go out into the wild during nightime and engage mobs, or farm using a natural-spawn mob grinder. If possible, an enderman grinder in the end will be the most efficient. Another way to gain levels is by building an iron golem farm and using the wolves to kill the golems instead of lava. Also you can use your wolves to attack zombies, villager or other mobs. Just let the zombie hit you once then run and watch while your wolf kills it. Avoid spiders and skeletons because they will target the wolf after being attacked by the wolf a few times.

Useful Tips Edit

  1. Wolves make great distractions during raids/invasions.
  2. Splashing Invisibility Potions on a Wolf or pack of Wolves will make for some unexpected stealth combat. Keep in mind that the collar can still be seen by other players.

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