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Swords Fists vs. Sword
Tool Used
  • Ironsword Swords (any material)
Interacts With
  • Players (PvP)
  • Mobs (PvE)
  • Serrated Strikes (Active)
  • Bleed (Passive)
  • Counter Attack (Passive)

The Swords skill is one of the most essential skills in McMMO combat. It adds different abilities like bleeding to help damage enemies and counter attack to help defend from other enemy players and mobs.

Abilities Edit

Serrated Strikes (Active) Edit

Right-clicking the mouse and attacking any player or mob is activated will cause an effect similar to bleeding. The period the bleeding effect will last depends on the user's skill level, increasing in intervals every 100 levels. It's best to be used when in combat with other players rather than using it on enemy mobs unless it is situational.


Bleed (Passive) Edit

Bleed is a passive ability that activates with a certain percentage chance per hit on an enemy player or mob. Some time-delay damage effects can be triggered on command like Serrated Strikes, which has an effect very similar to bleeding. At the maximum skill level for swords (1000), the bleed will do one hitpoint of damage per tick, lasting for six seconds. That does a total of six hitpoints (HeartHeartHeart) of damage. The chance of triggering bleed caps at 75% at the swords skill level 750. Every 0.1% chance for triggering bleed is added per swords skill level. Bleed durations can also be stacked. |

Counter-Attack (Active)Edit

Bral also reduce damage taken.

Trivia Edit

  • Bleed no longer has armor penetration, and counts protection in the damage factor.
  • Older versions of McMMO had a parry ability, but it was removed due to the blocking (right-click with sword) mechanic.

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