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THE WIKI IS MEANT TO BE CONSTRUCTIVE AND NOT TO BE USED FOR ADVERTISING. THIS PAGE IS A CANIDATE FOR REMOVAL. ANY ADVERTISEMENTS WILL BE REMOVED BY MODERATORS AND MODERATORS ENCOURAGE USERS TO DO THE SAserver. We host a small community of crafters of all ages in a semi-vanilla experience. ArchaiCraft is intended for long-term players and is a refreshing return from the HUB style servers with mini-games and laggy portals. Gone are the resource barren wastelands littered with abandoned dirt shacks.(McMMO, GriefPrevention, Thirst, Disease, Enchants Plus)




Description : Towny , mcmmo, pvp fac, Serveur francais



Description: Towny MCMMO with heavy focus on community.



Description: Survival multiplayer with Pstones, World Guard, and Iconomy. Has Mob Arena. Factions is coming soon.




Description: factions.



Website: Lycea Minecraft Server (


Lycea is a SMP server built for adventure lovers who enjoy PVE and survival Minecraft. Meet old friends and make new ones. Visit expansive towns throughout the world, with tons of shops to buy and sell materials, hard-to-find items, or even one of a kind weapons and armor. Automatic grief prevention and land claims to protect your builds. All admins 18+ for a mature, enjoyable game. Plugins: mcMMO, Essentials, DynMap, GriefPrevention, VillagerShop



BlockedUp is a prison server for players looking for Pvp, Drugs, and a new prison experience!


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