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Crimson Ingot Edit


This is a unique Minecraft Roleplay Server. You will become a part of this story - in an ever changing world. This is truly an experience like none other - The fighting is fierce but the Role-playing is encouraged and rewarded. When you enter the land of Templehelm you will find a land full of Magic, Intrigue, Adventure and Deities! You will gain particular Spells and Abilities based on the Deity you choose to align with - each having unique game-changing powers. Impress your Deity with your Shrine and Temple building skills to receive favour and reward. The most pious may even have a Deity follow them into battle to bring a gods wrath down from the heavens. Choose from many unique classes that enable interesting and varied game-play. The land is filled with powerful magic - destructive and defensive spells are a big part of this world brimming with energy and excitement. Explore the map to seek amazing Treasures and walk into a story being played out before your eyes. Build an amazing City and receive Traits for your faction. Choose a Trade and become a provider and merchant for you fellow Denizens. We run a serious server with a great collection of plugins - including: MagicSpells, MCMMODiabloDrops, NPCs, Factions, Economy, Shops, Classes, Ships, Horse Stables and many more! However the plugins are just a small part of what makes Crimson Ingot and the land of Templehelm an amazing place. There is much, much more - but this you will have to discover for yourself.  


What Is Aurigaming? Aurigaming is a french server based on his community. Our server is one of the rare server to have mcmmo on his plugin list. Our server is a server semi-roleplay and freebuild. There is no lag, our tick per second are arround 19,975 (20 is the best, 0 is the worst).

Why Should I Join Aurigmaing? If you're looking for a server where you can find an awesome community and if you speak french, don't waste your time and go on our server ! Many other features are on our server to help you to have the better minecraft survival  possible. You can make cities and we have a great système of economy on our server with some shops.

What Makes You Different From Other Servers? : Aurigaming is different because of our community ! We do lots of event and we always work on new features and projects to improve the fun you have when you play to minecraft !

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What Is MC-Kingdoms? MC-Kingdoms is a thriving and rapidly expanding community, We offer a experience no other server can provide. We feel that when looking for a survival minecraft server you should not have to deal with issues such as abusing administrators and server issues such as lag / downtime. MC-Kingdoms strives and succeeds at being the top survival server while still keeping in touch with our members and their opinions.

Why Should I Join MC-Kingdoms? MC-Kingdoms offers the ability to finally call a server home, We always put member's opinions greatly into updates, issues and events. We offer state of the art hardware so there is no need to worry about downtime and lag. We also offer many custom features that greatly enhance the fun received when playing with the community and surviving and most importantly thriving!

What Makes You Different From Other Servers? Here at MC-Kingdoms we believe in many things that make the server so fun, One of them being that we don't have the issues that other servers have. One issue being staff members, our experienced staff team is always on duty and strives to fix issues once they are found. We also greatly believe in fairness, For example, we don't offer millions of diamonds for voting or things that make the game really unfair such as god mode for donors. However we do also provide amazing perks for players that show their support via donating.

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