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Crimson Ingot Minecraft Server MCMMO FACTIONS RP PVP01:37

Crimson Ingot Minecraft Server MCMMO FACTIONS RP PVP

Crimson Ingot Minecraft Server MCMMO FACTIONS RP PVP

This is a unique Minecraft Roleplay Server. You will become a part of this story - in an ever changing world. This is truly an experience like none other - The fighting is fierce but the Role-playing is encouraged and rewarded. When you enter the land of Templehelm you will find a land full of Magic, Intrigue, Adventure and Deities! You will gain particular Spells and Abilities based on the Deity you choose to align with - each having unique game-changing powers. Impress your Deity with your Shrine and Temple building skills to receive favour and reward. The most pious may even have a Deity follow them into battle to bring a gods wrath down from the heavens. Choose from many unique classes that enable interesting and varied game-play. The land is filled with powerful magic - destructive and defensive spells are a big part of this world brimming with energy and excitement. Explore the map to seek amazing Treasures and walk into a story being played out before your eyes. Build an amazing City and receive Traits for your faction. Choose a Trade and become a provider and merchant for you fellow Denizens. We run a serious server with a great collection of plugins - including: MagicSpells, MCMMODiabloDrops, NPCs, Factions, Economy, Shops, Classes, Ships, Horse Stables and many more! However the plugins are just a small part of what makes Crimson Ingot and the land of Templehelm an amazing place.

There is much, much more - but this you will have to discover for yourself.  

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