MCMMO Repair Skill, and How to Grind Repair

MCMMO Repair Skill, and How to Grind Repair

Repair is one of the parent skills of the first child skill, Smelting. It can be used to repair tools and armor on Blocks of Iron.

How to repair items in MinecraftEdit

You can repair items in Minecraft by Using the mcmmo anvil (an iron block) and right clicking it with the item you would like to repair in your hand. The higher the level, the more durability is restored. Every time you repair, it costs one of the material the item was made of (For example an iron chestplate would cost one iron ingot per click)

Arcane Forging 1-8 Edit

Arcane Forging is used to keep enchantments on items after repairing them, It starts at level 1 you can eat of the [Repair] skill. At a 10% success chance, this is the level in which Arcane Forging starts.

Each level afterwards adds a small % increase. such as at level 125 you gain a 10%, level 250 a 20%, at level 750 you get a 50%.cap

Along with this there is a chance for a downgrade on the enchantment:For example, a Power II Bow would become a Power I Bow.To turn off Downgrades simply change [true] to a [false].




Rank 1 125 10% 90%
Rank 2 250 20% 80%
Rank 3 375 30% 70%
Rank 4 500 40% 60%
Rank 5 625 50% 50%
Rank 6 750 60% 40%
Rank 7 875 70% 30%
Rank 8 1000 80% 20%

Base Durability RestoredEdit

Item Name Materials to Fully Repair Base Durability Restored
IronHelmet Helmet Material x 5 20%
IronChestpiece Chest-plate Material x 8 12.5%
IronLeggings Leggings Material x 7 14.2857%
IronBoots Boots Material x 4 25%
IronAxe Axe Material x 3 33.3%
Ironsword Sword Material x 2 50%
IronPickaxe Pickaxe Material x 3 33,3%
IronHoe Hoe Material x 2 50%
IronShovel Shovel Material x 1 100%
Shears Shears Ironingot Iron ingot x 2 50%
FishingRod Fishing Rods String String x 2 50%
Grid Bow Bow String String x 3 33%
Anvil Anvil Iron Block Iron block x 3
Ironingot Iron ingot x 4

Experience and LevelingEdit

Experience CalculationEdit

For each repair, the experience gained is the amount of durability restored multiplied by the value of the material in the chart below. All armor of a material type has the same multiplier.

Tools, however, have a multiplier based on amount of material components of the tool (1, 2, or 3 pieces). This is because all tools of the same material have the same durability, whereas armor durability scales with number of components.

Experience is only awarded for durability restored; any restoration beyond maximum is ignored, making repairing near-perfect items inefficient.

Experience Multipliers
Material Skill Req. XP multiplier per material (Armor) Average XP per material (Armor)1 XP multiplier per material (Tools)2 Max XP per material (Tools)3
WoodPlanks Wood Planks 0 - - 1.66 / 3.33 / 5 100
Cobblestone Cobblestone 0 - - 1.66 / 3.33 / 5 220
Ironingot Iron Ingot 0 20 771.66 3.33 / 6.66 / 10 836.66
Goldingot Gold Ingot 0 40 643.33 26.6 / 53.3 / 80 810
Diamond Diamond 50 60 4537.5 3.33 / 6.66 /10 5206.66
Grid Bow String 0 - - 12 1540
  1. The average durability restored by one material is calculated as the durability of the full set of armor divided by the amount of materials required to fully repair the entire set. If repairing armor in full sets, each material used will provide this much experience on average.
  2. The 3 figures refer to tools requiring 3 materials (e.g. pickaxes), 2 materials (swords and hoes) and 1 material (shovel) to fully repair respectively.
  3. The amount of experience gained if the material is fully used up in repairing the tool.

For maximum experience efficiency per material used, boots provide the most exp per repair, due to armor durability being independent of number of materials required. After boots, the second most efficient things are tools, all providing more than any other armor, without counting in-game rounding errors.

Additionally, gold tools provide slightly more experience than iron tools, whereas diamond armor provides slightly more experience than gold armor. Diamond boots provide approximately 6.5x as much experience.

RMob Farm / XP Grinder ( Also Helps with Fishing, gives you plenty of XP )

Make a mob farm, and spam it with your fishing pole. It should give you xps when mob dies, and it helps your fishing as well when mob is shaken. when your pole is about to break, repair your fishing pole with string. fishing pole breaks down to red every ten seconds, and it should give you about 3000 xp per repair. It is a good method to increase fishing and repair if you cannot afford diamond. You may not see the effect as quick if you are on level over 120.

Pro Tip: Use a spider farm! Spiders will drop Strings upon death.


Find a biome with large trees. I'll suggest jungle and spruce. When you found those biomes. Get a diamond axe and chop down as many large trees as possible with tree feller. it should be nulled pretty much after a few times, then you may repair it.

With leavesblower, use stone axes or gold axes (don't use the diamond and else) to blow leaves can gain experience rapidly.

Shears Edit

Find a forest or a jungle, and break all the leaves with shears. Then, repair the shears for quick xp.

Bow Edit

Get yourself a bow and a few arrows. Stand next to an anvil and just keep shooting arrows at the ground, and in a fashion that you can pick them up automatically. When the durability goes down, repair. Repeat.

Gold Sword Edit

Make yourself a gold sword. When it becomes nighttime, go outside and slay until your sword is at 1-3 durability (Tip: if you press the keys F3 + H, you can see the ID and durability of a tool, armor, or items by hovering over it in the inventory). Then, go inside and repair. Repeat.

This method requires a good amount of gold, but it is extremely efficient. Most of the time, you can do this multiple times a night, depending where you live.

If killing mobs isn't an option, herd animals and kill them with the gold sword. This method is a bit less efficient, but it gives the same amount of XP per gold used.

Gold Pickaxe Edit

Craft a few gold picks and wear them down, more efficient and fast version of the "Gold Sword" method by being easier to wear and giving more xp per material.

Cactus Method Edit

Damage armor by standing next to a cactus and repair it when it reaches a low durability.

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