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Mining is a skill in McMMO that focuses around mining stone and ores. Leveling the skill allows for double drops, a longer Super Breaker, and Blast Mining. It has a special ability called the Super Breaker, which allows for faster mining and triple drops.

Mining is a parent skill of Smelting.

Super BreakerEdit

To activate this skill, right-click with the mouse while a pickaxe is in your hand, aimed at a mineable block.

Upon activating Super Breaker, the user will be able to mine blocks significantly faster and will receive occasional triple drops from blocks mined.

The duration of the skill starts at 2 seconds and increases by 1 second every 50 levels. At level 1000, the skill lasts 22 seconds. By default, there is no cap on the maximum length of super breaker.

It has a default cooldown of 2 minutes, changeable in the config.yml file. This ability also allows you to triple the chance of getting double drops, though it does do more damage to the pickaxe you are using.

If the pickaxe breaks while this ability is being used, the player will suffer damage. Therefore, it is recommended that the pickaxe used has high durability.

Eventually as you level up your mining skill your Super Breaker skill will start giving double or triple drops when being used.

Blast MiningEdit

Instead of using a pickaxe to break blocks, Blast Mining utilizes TNT to destroy and mine blocks. It is activated by lighting TNT with a flint & steel while sneaking and being out of range to click the TNT. When activating Blast Mining, the range at which the TNT lights is extended. Higher Mining levels will cause Blast Mining to yield more ores and produce less debris.

The radius of the Blast Mining explosion increases with Mining rank.

Blast Mining Rank Mining Level Effects
1 125 -10% debris, +35% ores
2 250 -20% debris, +40% ores, increased blast radius
3 375 No debris, +45% ores
4 500 No debris, +50% ores
5 625 No debris, +55% ores
6 750 No debris, +60% ores
7 875 No debris, +65% ores
8 1000 No debris, +70% ores

Note: By default, TNT drops 30% of debris.

Demolitions ExpertEdit

At 500 mining Demolitions expert is unlocked and will cause all damage done by TNT to the player to be reduced by 25%.

Double DropEdit

Every level the chance to receive two ores instead of one increases by 0.1%. For example, a level 1000 miner has a 100% chance for a double drop.

Experience TableEdit

These are the default values, which can be altered in the configuration file.

Block Type XP
Netherrack 30
Mossy Cobble 30
Stone 30
Sand Stone 30
Glow Stone 30
Hard Clay 30
Stained Clay 50
Packed Ice 50
Nether Quartz Ore 100
Redstone Ore 150
End Stone 150
Obsidian 150
Iron Ore 250
Gold Ore 350
Lapis Lazuli 400
Diamond Ore 750
Emerald Ore



  • Strip mining caves will also quickly level Mining. Make sure to mine every ore you see, and avoid digging through stone to maximize leveling speed.
  • Strip mining in nether will also help. Make sure you don't fall into lava or accidentally attack zombie pigmen. You should also bring fire protection and ender pearls.
  • Use Super Breaker as much as possible to speed up how much exp you get.

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