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  • Hi my name is JG1208 - I made this Mining McMMO Tutorial hope it helps :)
  • Mining

Mining is a skill based on mining stone and ores with a Pickaxe.

Xp is gained from mining diffrent materials around the minecraft world. Xp gained is based on how many ore you mine, and not gives the same for mining with all kinds of Pickaxes with all kinds of enchants.

Different materials gives different ammounts of XP, the difference is shown below: Block Type XP 'Netherrack 30' 'Mossy Cobble 30' 'Stone 40' 'Sand Stone 40' 'Glow Stone 40' 'Hard Clay 40' 'Stained Clay 50' 'Packed Ice 50' 'Nether Quartz Ore 210' 'Redstone Ore 150' 'End Stone 150' 'Obsidian 150' '''''''Nether Quartz Ore '210' I'ron Ore 250' 'Gold Ore 400' 'Lapis Lazuli 400' 'Diamond Ore 800' 'Emerald Ore 1000'

Xp is different from server to server, and can be changed in the configs. Note: These ores can only give xp once, so when you have mined it, and picked it up, there is no way for you to place it down, and get more xp from it. These or can only be activated by Double Drop/Tripel Drop once.

- Active Skill: Super Breaker
- Passive Skill: Double Drops
- Passive Skill: Blast Mining
- Passive Skill: Bigger Bombs
- Passive Skill: Demolitions Expertise

Super Breaker:

With a pickaxe hold in your hand, you can right click. The spell will get ready for use, and you have 4 seconds to start mining a block with mining compatible material, which will activate your Super Breaker, for a limited ammount of time based on your Mining level.
Super Breaker allows you to mine faster, adding +5 effeciency to your pickaxe (while active)
Super Breaker also adds a chance for Tripel Drop instead of Double Drop, the chance for a Tripel Drop is based on your chance for a Double Drop.

Benefits - Super Breaker gives you more mining speed and tripel drop, making it usefull for mining some diamonds you just found or just to quickly getting rid of Obsidian.

Duration - Super Breaker is at the start limited to 2 seconds of active time, increasing by 1 sec every 50 levels, being 22 at 1000 which is the cap.
Super Breaker can be activated every 260 secounds - Note: This is only on - As the configs can be changed from server to server.

Double Drops:

Double drops gives you the chance to make the material you mine drop double as much.
This scales with both Silk Touch and Fortune.
0.1% chance of double dropping is added pr level gained in Mining.

Blast Mining:

Blast Mining add the ability to mine with tnt, using flint & steel, then crouch & right-click the tnt while out of distance of the block, to instantly detonate the tnt, explodeing the debris and ores.

This skill has 8 ranks. starting at 125 - and getting rank upgrade every 125 level+

Level 1 - Clears 10% of debris & gives +35% ores
Level 2 - Clears 20% of debris & gives +40% ores & it icreases blasting radius to to +2
Level 3 - No debris & gives +45% ores
Level 4 - No debris & gives +50% ores & it icreases blasting radius to +3
Level 5 - No debris & gives +55% ores
Level 6 - No debris & gives +60% ores & it icreases blasting radius to +4
Level 7 - No debris & gives +65% ores
Level 8 - No debris & gives +70% ores

Bigger Bombs:

Bigger bombs is when the blasting radius gets increased ^^

Demolitions Expertise:

This skill activates at level 500+ in mining.

at level 500-724 = 25% less damage taken by TnT'''''''''''''''' at level 750-999 = 50% less damage taken by TnT at level 1000+ = 100% less damage taken by TnT

XP Grinding Tips: Since the new haste II pot has come into minecraft with McMMO, i would recommend using Effieciency 5 pickaxe (+more enchants obtional) and haste 2 potion, to mine Stone in the overworld at layer 10-14. Doing this combo allows you to insta mine Stone which gives tons of xp very fast, + the chance of finding materials which is always a big help, and is alot of the times what you are looking for  The Super Breaker can then be used to mine the ores.

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