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Commands are simple lines of code used in-game as a way to keep track of various aspects of the plugin that range from general information to in-depth game mechanics. All commands can be used from the multiplayer chat module and are activated by typing a forward slash in the beginning followed by the name of the command the player wishes to use. (i.e.: "/command")

Party CommandsEdit

See: Parties

Command Effects
/party create <name> Creates a party with name <name>.
/party disband  Kicks out all members and deletes the party.

/ptp toggle

Toggle party teleportation.
/ptp accept Accepts party teleportation request.
/ptp acceptall Accepts all pending party teleporation requests.
/party itemshare <NONE / EQUAL / RANDOM> Choose party item share mode.
/party itemshare <loot / mining / herbalism / woodcutting> <true / false> Control items that are shared.
/party Shows who is in party.
/party <playername> Joins the player's party
/party q Leaves the current party.
/party ? View party commands.
/p OR /pc Toggles party chat.
/party invite <playername> Invites the named player to the current party.
/party accept Accepts a received party invitation.
/party lock Locks the party you are in. Only works for party leader.
/party password <password> Applies a password to your party. Only works for party leader.
/ptp <playername> Teleports to party members.

Admin CommandsEdit

All of the following commands require admin privileges.

Command Effects
/mcgod Toggles god mode on/off. (Requires Permissions) 
/mmoedit <playername> <skill> <value> Sets the value of the named skill of the target player. (Requires Permissions)
/addxp <playername> <skill> <value> Adds the provided value in XP to the named skill of the target player. (Requires Permissions)
/addlevels <playername> <skill> <value> Adds the provided value in Levels to the named skill of the target player. (Requires Permissions)
/skillreset [playername] <skill> Resets named skill of target player to 0.
/inspect <playername> Inspects the target player's McMMO stats.  Target player does not have to be online. (Requires Permissions)
/mckraken <playername> Summons a Kraken adjacent to the target player.
/moblist Views a list of monsters you can spawn. (Requires Permissions)
/hardcore Toggle Hardcore mode.
/vampirism Toggle Vampirism mode. 0.0
/mcnotify Toggle ability notifications on/off.
/mcremove <playername> Remove target user from MySQL or FlatFile.
/mcpurge Purges all users from MySQL or FlatFile.
/a OR /ac

Toggles Admin Chat (Not working)

/xplock <skillname> Lock the xp bar to named skill.
/mcrefresh [player] Refreshes all cooldowns for McMMO or optionally named player.

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