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† Indicates features requiring Spout.

‡ Indicates deprecated features who required BukkitContrib.

Version 1.0.50Edit

  • New /xprate command for those with mcmmo.admin permissions!
  • † mcMMO now uses Spout instead of BukkitContrib
  • ‡ BukkitContrib support dropped
  • XP Formula is now 100+(skill level value * skill modifier * global modifier) thanks to suggestion
  • Fixed bug where /mmoupdate used the old directory instead of the new one to find the flat file
  • Fixed bug where Unarmed Mastery damage bonus only did as much as Unarmed Apprentice
  • Fixed bug where Pumpkins did not give out XP
  • Coordinates removed from /whois as they didn't really fit
  • /mcgod and /mmoedit now require permissions to be setup in some shape or form to be used
  • Lapus renamed to Lapis in config

Version 1.0.49Edit

  • Updated German locale
  • Fixed bug where using the party system on a MySQL setup caused errors when writing to non-existent files
  • Fixed bug where using /accept caused a NPE (hopefully)
  • Fixed a few missing descriptions for commands

Version 1.0.48Edit

  • Updated French Translation
  • Updated German Translation
  • Updated Polish Translation
  • Placed Coal Ore and Redstone Ore won't give XP anymore
  • Fixed unusually high memory usage at startup
  • Added many features to the party system written by NuclearW

Version 1.0.47Edit

  • Fixed another BukkitContrib error for servers not running BukkitContrib

Version 1.0.46Edit

  • Fixed bug preventing Excavation from gaining skill

Version 1.0.45Edit

  • Corrected /stats showing Repair XP as Level for Repair
  • Corrected /repair showing Repair XP as Level for Repair
  • Corrected /whois showing Repair XP as Level for Repair

Version 1.0.44Edit

  • ‡ Fixed my 'fix' of BukkitContrib errors with Tree Feller

Version 1.0.43Edit

  • Stopped things from being auto-smelt'd

Version 1.0.42Edit

  • Corrected 2 more errors involving not running BukkitContrib

Version 1.0.41Edit

  • Fixed errors using Tree Feller if your server wasn't running BukkitContrib (sorry!)
  • Fixed some more leftover stuff involving the new half-finished mining skill
  • Fixed excavation's Giga Drill Breaker not working on placed blocks

Version 1.0.40Edit

  • Fixed errors if your server wasn't running BukkitContrib

Version 1.0.39Edit

  • mcMMO won't auto-download and auto-run BukkitContrib anymore

Version 1.0.38Edit

  • Commented code for the half-finished Infernal Pick subskill (Whoops)

Version 1.0.37Edit

  • The donation message in /mcmmo is now toggle-able
  • The anvil message now only gets shown the first time you place an anvil (after login)
  • Reworked /mcmmo (an improvement I would say)
  • Added /mcmmo text to localization file
  • Archery fire rate now configurable
  • Berserk mode stops items from being collected
  • Taming no longer receives xp from wolves being harmed
  • Fixed bug where /stats required Tree Feller permission to show Woodcutting skill
  • Fixed bug where players with mcgod could be harmed by AoE
  • Fixed bug where modifying a skill also modified the xp to the same amount (when it should be zero)

BukkitContrib StuffEdit

  • ‡ Added a pop-up when placing an Anvil
  • ‡ Added pop-ups on levelup
  • ‡ Added basic sound effects to various abilities (Berserk, Tree Feller, Super Breaker, Leaf Blower, etc...)

Code StuffEdit

  • Added checkXp(SkillType, Player) for plugin devs (use this after modifying XP to check for levels)
  • Added getPlayerProfile() which returns a PlayerProfile object for plugin devs (You can do almost everything with this object)
  • 100% more enums
  • Changed how checking skill xp worked to be more efficient

Version 1.0.36Edit

  • mcMMO now properly supports Bukkit/PEX/Permissions for Permissions
  • Config.yml will no longer generate Performance Debugging nodes
  • Registered permission nodes to plugin.yml
  • Some more changes to Permissions code
  • Fixed bug where Super Breaker activated where it shouldn't
  • Fixed bug with enabling/disabling mcgod in config.yml
  • Fixed bug with Excavation not kicking in until 1 level higher

Version 1.0.35Edit

  • Added a Toggle for Chimaera Wing in config.yml
  • Added customization of what item is used for Chimaera Wing in config.yml
  • Fixed bug with randomly receiving Taming XP
  • mcmmo.users file moved into /plugins/mcMMO/FlatFileStuff/
  • Leaderboard files now moved into /plugins/mcMMO/FlatFileStuff/Leaderboards
  • Locale files now have the prefix locale_ instead of messages_
  • Locale files are now located inside com/gmail/nossr50/locale/ instead of com/gmail/nossr50/
  • Updated the code that handles permissions (this may mean 3.1.6 will finally play well!)
  • Some more source code organization
  • Fixed warnings for compiler
  • Removed dependencies on CraftBukkit
  • Registered commands to OnCommand
  • Removed performance debugging
  • Removed some useless settings from the config file

Version 1.0.34Edit

  • Fixed the PVP setting determining whether or not you would hurt yourself from AoE Abilities
  • Added Dutch (nl) language support
  • Super Breaker now gives the correct XP as determined by config.yml
  • Sand Stone XP is now configurable and no longer shares the 'stone' node
  • /mining now shows mining values instead of taming values

Version 1.0.33Edit

  • Fixed the toggle for the Excavation drop 'Cocoa Beans'
  • Fixed bug where Unarmed users could disarm without being bare handed
  • Cocoa Beans now have an XP modifier in config.yml
  • You can now toggle whether or not Mobspawners will give XP (in config.yml)
  • MySQL version now makes requests to the MySQL server less frequently (should help performance)
  • Fixed bug with Skull Splitter hitting the user

Version 1.0.32Edit

  • Added "General.Performance.Print_Reports" node to config.yml to help identify causes of performance issues
  • Fixed bug of swords users hurting themselves with serrated strikes

Version 1.0.31Edit

  • Fixed bug of trying to cast Animals to non-animals

Version 1.0.30Edit

  • Mobs that spawn from spawners no longer give XP (for reals this time)

Version 1.0.29Edit

  • Mobs that spawn from spawners no longer give XP (again)
  • Fixed bug where Serrated Strikes did not Bleed additional targets
  • Identified and solved a potential memory leak in Bleed Simulation
  • Renamed the Object Config to Misc and rewrote parts of it
  • Rewrote Party/Admin/God toggles
  • Added Polish language support (pl)

Version 1.0.28Edit

  • Actually fixed /stats showing excavation values for swords
  • Made some improvements to how Bleed Simulation was handled for different entity types
  • Obsidian now does normal durability damage during Super Breaker

Version 1.0.27Edit

  • Fixed /stats showing excavation values for swords
  • Hopefully fixed a wide range of NPE errors
  • Updated German (de) localization

Version 1.0.26Edit

  • Fixed accidentally making power levels go above 9,000

Version 1.0.25Edit

  • Compatible with the latest CB
  • Beast Lore now functions correctly
  • Wolves are no longer invincible to players
  • Changed the look of Beast Lore
  • Skill info pages now show your stat in that skill (if you have permission)
  • /stats and /whois has been alphabetized and divided into three categories (Gathering/Combat/Misc)
  • Abilities will not trigger on Trap Doors

Version 1.0.24Edit

  • Now compatible with latest RB (928)
  • Taming now receives XP from your wolves harming foes
  • Taming is now easier to level
  • Green Thumb now drops seeds when harvesting Wheat

Version 1.0.23Edit

  • Modified Bleed Simulation to fix performance problems
  • Rewrote MySpawn to be more efficient when calculating time left
  • Rewrote Skills to be more efficient when calculating time left

Version 1.0.22Edit

  • Added 'Name' nodes to commands for renaming them

Version 1.0.21Edit

  • Fixed Skull Splitter length in /axes displaying incorrectly
  • Fire rate limiter now correctly uses the value in the config file
  • Stone XP now correctly uses the value in the config file
  • Cobble -> Mossy now correctly uses the value in the config file
  • Removed setmyspawn from config file as it serves no purpose
  • All commands now have an 'Enabled' node in the config file that when set to false disables the command completely
  • Fixed color scheme inconsistency for Mining in /whois results

Version 1.0.20Edit

  • Fixed Array Index Out of Bounds error

Version 1.0.19Edit

  • Removed a failsafe for the Timer that is no longer necessary (should improve performance)
  • Fixed /myspawn not working by rewriting it :3
  • Fixed exploit where players could break a freshly placed mushroom for XP
  • MySQL User Passwords can now be blank (Although you really should have a password...)
  • Fixed a few NPE errors

Version 1.0.18Edit

  • Fixed MySQL default TablePrefix
  • Fixed Wheat not being configurable

Version 1.0.17Edit

  • Brand new YAML Configuration file
  • Ability to configure XP for all gathering skills in config file
  • German Language added to mcMMO
  • French Language added to mcMMO
  • MySpawn will no longer heal players
  • /<skillname> commands now also check for their localized names for displaying help
  • Added many more Strings to localization files
  • Added more safeguards to MySpawn for NPE
  • Fixed bug where Tree Feller Radius depended on WoodCutting XP rather than Skill Level
  • Fixed bug where Readying a Hoe returned a missing localization string
  • Added some safeguards into Bleed Simulation to prevent possible memory leaks
  • Performance improvements to storing/calling Skill/XP Values
  • Plugged a potential memory leak with PlayerProfiles not being removed correctly
  • Disabled the mob spawner camping anti-exploit in favor of performance

Version 1.0.16Edit

  • Fixed bug where localization file failed to load
  • Changed en_US to lowercase
  • mcMMO now requires locale files to be in lowercase
  • Fixed a few strings missing from the localization file

Version 1.0.15Edit

  • Removed leftover code that spammed SQL errors

Version 1.0.14Edit

  • Added many missed strings into localization
  • Finnish Localization updated for the new strings
  • Green Thumb should respect Block Protection plugins now
  • Fixed Number Format Exception when loading a PlayerProfile

Version 1.0.13Edit

  • Fixed bug/NPE where stats would not load and therefore 'reset' for players
  • Fixed NPE involving /ptp
  • Added "enableMOTD" setting to properties file

Version 1.0.12Edit

  • Fixed another NPE error
  • Non-Gathering skills should correctly gain XP if PVP is set to false now
  • Localization will now support language codes that do not have two parts like "fi"
  • Fixed bug where Wiki MOTD message would not be loaded from localization file

Version 1.0.11Edit

  • Fixed bug where players could not gain experience in several skills
  • Removed PVP flag from as its not needed anymore
  • Fixed a few NPE errors
  • Mushroom XP reduced from 25 to 15
  • Fixed an exploit where players who just logged in could be farmed for experience because they were invulnerable

Version 1.0.10Edit

  • Added Localization/String Customization
  • Mushroom XP reduced from 40 to 25
  • Removed "clears inventory" warning in /mcc for /myspawn since this no longer happens

Version 1.0.09Edit

  • Fixed the NPE that occurs when players gain experience (Sorry!)
  • Fixed bug where /myspawn & /clearmyspawn would work if MySpawn was disabled in the properties file
  • Changed strings containing "MMO" to read "mcMMO"
  • Removed a lot of unused or unnecessary variables from the PlayerProfiles in mcMMO, this should lower the memory footprint
  • Added getXpToLevel() for modders

Version 1.0.08Edit

  • Added removeXP() for modders
  • Fixed bug where stone swords only repaired by 33% instead of 50%
  • Fixed bug where stone/wooden hoes wouldn't repair
  • Big overhaul to how skill values and xp values were handled in the code
  • Modifying the players skill levels now sets the corresponding skill xp to zero
  • Using Serrated Strikes/Skull Splitter on mobs should no longer harm nearby players when PVP is disabled
  • Switching to another weapon after firing your bow should no longer trigger procs for that weapon when the arrow hits
  • Slimes/Ghasts now give XP for combat skills
  • Added "EnableHpRegeneration" property setting
  • Added "EnableMySpawn" property setting

Version 1.0.07Edit

  • Added more repair customization to the config file by solarcloud7
  • Leaderboards ignore players with the respective stat at 0
  • Reconnecting to MySQL will reload player data
  • Fixed a NPE with MySQL's Leaderboards
  • Removed "Loop iteration" debug message from mcMMO

Version 1.0.06Edit

  • MySQL will attempt to reconnect if the connection is closed
  • Breaking the bottom block of Cactus/Reeds will award the correct experience and double drops
  • Added support for Minecraft Statistics
  • Fixed NPE with /myspawn command

Version 1.0.05Edit

  • PVP interactions now check for permissions before handing out any experience
  • Many skill abilities now check for permissions correctly
  • All interactions with Taming now check for permissions
  • mcMMO now checks for its pvp flag being true before handling pvp interactions

Version 1.0.04Edit

  • Fixed bug where players would be informed incorrectly when their cooldowns refreshed
  • Fixed exploit where players could reconnect to reset their cooldowns
  • Added new "cooldowns" table to MySQL
  • Berserk now breaks through snow
  • Lightning no longer gives Taming XP
  • Shortened /mcc to fit the screen

Version 1.0.03Edit

  • Bleed will no longer trigger on friendly wolves
  • Axes criticals will no longer trigger on friendly wolves

Version 1.0.02Edit

  • Fixed bug where the Timer would start before everything else was ready
  • Fixed bug where mcrefresh also required mcability permission node
  • Fixed bug where Unarmed was not checking for disarm procs
  • Green Thumb now checks for herbalism permissions
  • Added "enableGreenThumbCobbleToMossy" to config file, this also changes Green Terra
  • AoE abilities now harm wolves

Version 1.0.01Edit

  • Removed debug message when wolves are struck
  • Fixed issue with reloading mcMMO when MySQL was enabled
  • Fixed a NPE with MySpawn
  • Fixed a NPE with removing users from PlayerProfile
  • Unarmed no longer starts with a damage bonus
  • Unarmed apprentice DMG bonus changed from 3 to 2

Version 1.0Edit

'MySQL, Taming, Leaderboards, Bugfixes, and more...'


  • Fixed duping bug with WG/Block Protection Plugins
  • Players won't hand out XP if they died within the last 5 seconds


  • Trees now drop the correct sapling for Tree Feller
  • /addxp now functions correctly
  • Leaderboards work correctly for Flat File
  • God Mode works for all types of damage
  • And stuff I can't remember and didn't write down...


  • MySQL
  • Taming Skill
  • Leaderboards


  • Gravel to Clay (Didn't fit with the mod, might make it into its own plugin if requested)


  • Added Leaf Blower passive ability to WoodCutting
  • Players can now repair Stone/Wood tools
  • Code Organized/Optimized further
  • Different Trees now give different WoodCutting XP
  • Sapling drops from Tree Feller made more rare to reflect Vanilla MC

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