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Axes is a PvP skill in McMMO that allows players to have more powerful axes when used in combat.

Axes is a skill based on chopping down Mobs and Players with an Axe in your hand.

XP is gained from doing damage to Mobs (naturally spawned)/Players.

Diamond Axe on a player with no armor = 150 XP Diamond Axe on Mob(Naturally Spawned) with no armor = 70 XP Iron Axe on Player with no armor = 100 XP Iron Axe on Mob(Naturally Spawned) with no armor = 50 XP
(When just starting out on axes - No Crit or Passive Ability)

Note: Your amount of XP is based on the amount of damage you do - Scaling with Axes Passive/Active Abilities + Sharpness & Strength 2 potions.

- Active Skill: Skull Splitter
- Passive Skill: Critical Strikes
- Passive Skill: Axe Mastery
- Passive Skill: Armour Impact
- Passive Skill: Greater Impact

Skull Splitter:

With an Axe held in your hand, you can right-click a block, making your active ability ready for use. The ability will then get activated by hitting Mobs/Players.
Skull Splitter allows you to do a AoE (Area of Effect) hit, damaging every one within a half blocks radius from your maintarget, dealing half the damage you are dealing to the main target.
This can be great if you are in a 1v2 in PvP, or just clearing out mob rooms.
This ability works for a limited ammount of time starting out at 2 seconds, increasing by 1 second every 50 levels.

Critical Strikes

Critical Strikes is a Passive Skill giving you a chance to deal double damage.
Critical Strikes gets a 0.05% increase per level in Axes, with a cap at level 750 being 37.50%.

Axe Mastery

Axe Mastery is a Passive Skill which increases your overall damage with axes, by 1(half heart) every 50 levels, with a cap at 4 attack damage (level 200)
On some servers getting level 200 adds 10% crit chance to Critical Strikes.

Armor Impact

Armour Impact, increases with damage dealt to an enemies Armour.
This Skill starts out with a damage bonus of 1 to armour, increasing with 0.02 pr level in axes (Capping at 1000).

Greater Impact

Greater Impact is a passive skill which in battle against mobs/players without armour adds 2 extra damage (1 heart). It also adds a Knockback effect similar to Knockback II on a Axe and makes an explosive animation when activated. Ineffective against armored enemies.
Greater Impact has a 25% chance of being triggered each hit.
Note: Can be different on other server, this can be changed in the configs.

XP Grinding Tips: As xp is only gathered from naturally spawned mobs and players, the most efficient way to get xp is killing endermen in the end, as it also is very easy to build a quick setup for you to use, where you can simply look at endermen, then stand under a 2 high roof, so endermen cant get you, and attack them from in there.

PvP Example: Going into battle, Axes is very useful in fights where a lot of armor and god apples are being used, so it's hard to kill each other. Axes allows you to break the armour a lot faster, increasing the speed you break the enemies armour, while also gaining levels in axes. Axes can also be very usefull if you are doing a 1v2, as the active ability allows you to do AoE damage.'

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