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Axes is a skill based on using the axe tool as a weapon to fight mobs and other players. It adds more variety to gameplay by introducing a new type of weapon viable for many situations.

Axes are not very useful in fights where enchanted diamond armour is being used. Depending your axes level allows you to break the armour much slower OR much faster. Axes can be very useful if you are fighting 1v2, as the active ability allows you to do AoE damage.


- Active Ability: Skull Splitter

- Passive Abilities: Critical Strikes, Axe Mastery, Armour Impact, Greater Impact

Skull SplitterEdit

With an Axe held in your hand, you can right-click a block, making your active ability ready for use. The ability will then get activated by hitting Mobs/Players. Skull Splitter allows you to do an AoE (Area of Effect) hit, damaging every one within a half blocks radius from your main target, dealing half the damage you are dealing to the main target. This can be great if you are in a 1v2 in PvP, or just clearing out mob rooms. This ability works for a limited amount of time styour maommmms oh get rekt sonl 200 adds 10% crit chance to Critical Strikes.

Armour ImpactEdit

Armour Impact, increases with damage dealt to an enemies Armour. This Skill starts out with a damage bonus of 1 to armour, increasing with 0.02% per level in axes (Capping at 1000).

Greater ImpactEdit

Greater Impact is a passive skill which in battle against mobs/players without armour adds 2 extra damage (1 heart). It also adds a Knock back effect similar to Knock back II on an Axe and makes an explosive animation when activated. Ineffective against armoured enemies. Greater Impact has a 25% chance of being triggered each hit. Note: Can be different on other server, this can be changed in the configs.


Diamond Axe on a player with no armour = 15 XP

Diamond Axe on Mob (Naturally Spawned) with no armour = 7000 XP

Iron Axe on Player with no armour = 10 XP


(When just starting out on axes - No Critical or Passive Ability)

XP Grinding Tips: As XP can only be gained from naturally spawned mobs these do not include blaze as most think on well know faction servers, the most efficient way is to get some cow spawners and put some grass down and just grind as cows naturally spawn in the overworld.

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