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Axes is a PvP skill in McMMO that allows players to have more powerful axes when used in combat.

- Hi my name is me, i made this Axes McMMO Spotlight hope it helps :)

Axes is a skill based on chopping down Mobs and Players with a Axe in your hand.

XP is gained from doing damage to Mobs(naturally spawned)/Players.

Diamond Axe on player with no armour = 150 XP Diamond Axe on Mob(Naturally Spawned) with no armour = 70 XP Iron Axe on Player with no armour = 100 XP Iron Axe on Mob(Naturally Spawned) with no armour = 50 XP
(When just starting out on axes - No Crit or Passive Ability)

Note: Your ammount of XP is based on the ammount of damage you do - Scaling with Axes Passive/Active Abilities + Sharp & Strenght 2 pots.

- Active Skill: Skull Splitter
- Passive Skill: Critical Strikes
- Passive Skill: Axe Mastery
- Passive Skill: Armour Impact
- Passive Skill: Greater Impact

Skull Splitter:

Skull Splitter

With an Axe held in your hand, you can right-click a block, making your active ability ready for use. The ability will then get activated by hitting Mobs/Players.
Skull Splitter allows you to do a AoE(Area of Effect) hit, damageing every1 within a half blocks radius from your maintarget, dealing half the damage you are dealing to the main target.
This can be great if you are in a 1v2 in PvP, or just clearing out mob rooms.
This ability works for a limited ammount of time starting out at 2 seconds, increasing by 1 second every 50 levels.

Critical Strikes:

Critical Strikes is a Passive Skill giving you a chance to deal double damage to Players.
3 times the damage to Hostile mobs.
2.5 times the damage to other mobs.
Critical Strikes gets a 0.01% increase pr 2 levels in Axes, with a cap at level 750 being 37.50%

Axe Mastery:

Axe Mastery is a Passive Skill which increases your overall damage with axe, by 1(half heart) every 50 levels, with a cap at 4 attack damage (level 200)
On some servers getting level 200 adds 10% crit chance to Critical Strikes

Armour Impact:

Armour Impact, increases with damage dealt to an enemies Armour.
This Skill starts out with a damage bonus of 1 to armour, increasing with 0.02 pr level in axes.

Greater Impact:

Greater Impact is a passive skill which in battle against mobs/players without armour adds 2 extra damage (1 heart). It also adds a Knockback effect similar to Knockback II on a Sword, the knockback effect, effect mobs/players with armour aswell.
Greater Impact have a 25% chance of hitting - for TheArchon
Note: Can be different on other server, this can be changed in the configs.

XP Grinding Tips: As xp is only gathered from naturally spawned mobs and players, the most efficient way to get xp is killing endermen in the end, as it also is very easy to build a quick setup for you to use, where you can simply look at endermen, then stand under a 2 high roof, so endermen cant get you, and attack them from in there.

PvP Exsampel: Going into battle Axes is very usefull in fights were alot of armour and god apples is being used, so its hard to kill eachother. Axes allows you to break the armour alot faster, increasing speed of breaking enemies armour, when increasing levels in axes. Axes can also be very usefull if you are doing 1v2, as the active ability allows you to do AoE damage.'

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