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Axes is a PvP skill in McMMO that allows players to have more powerful axes when used in combat.

Active Skills

Skull Splitter is the only active skill for Axes

Upon Activation (Hitting a Mob/Player): Produces an AoE effect that damages other mobs within the vicinity of the first for 1/2 damage dealt. No McMMO experience is gained from enemies hit by the AoE effect. This makes 1v2 combat much more effective with an axe rather than a sword. Useful for clearing out rooms of mobs.

Greater ImpactEdit

By default, there is a 25% chance to achieve Greater Impact. Greater Impact is indicated by this message in  the chat log: *STRUCK WITH GREAT FORCE*

  •  This effect has a knockback effect equal to the enchantment Knockback II. In addition, it deals extra damage to unarmored enemies.

Axe MasteryEdit

A passive skill which gives bonus damage to attacking with an axe.

The bonus damage is relative to your level in the skill, increasing by 1 (half a heart) every 50 levels. This effect caps at level 200, with a bonus damage of 4 (two hearts).

Critical StrikeEdit

Critical Strike is a passive ability which gives players a chance to do additional damage.

Every skill level in axes awards a 0.05% chance to deal a critical strike, causing 2x damage to [hostile] mobs

, and 1.5x damage to other mobs.

Armor ImpactEdit

Armor Impact increases your ability to shatter the armor of other players.

Each skill level in axes gives you 0.02 (same as Axe Mastery, 1 more armor damage every 50 levels) more bonus damage to armor. By default, you have 1 bonus damage to armor while using axes even if your skill level is 0.

For example, having 450 skill level in Axes results you having 10 bonus damage to armor..

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