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Axes is a PvP skill in McMMO that allows players to have more powerful axes when used in combat.

Active Skills

Skull Splitter is the only active skill for Axes

Upon Activation (Hitting a Mob/Player): Produces an AoE effect that damages other mobs within the vicinity of the first for 1/2 damage dealt. No McMMO experience is gained from enemies hit by the AoE effect. This makes 1v2 combat much more effective with an axe rather than a sword. Useful for clearing out rooms of mobs.

Axe MasteryEdit

A passive skill which gives bonus damage to attacking with an axe.

The bonus damage is relative to your level in the skill, increasing by 1 (half a heart) every 50 levels. This effect caps at level 200, with a bonus damage of 4 (two hearts) and 10% critical hit chance.

Critical StrikeEdit

Critical Strike is a passive ability which gives players a chance to do additional damage, up to 3 hearts if you activate Skull Splitter and with Strength II

Every skill level in axes awards a 0.05% chance to deal a critical strike, causing 3x damage to [hostile] mobs, and 2.5x damage to other mobs.

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