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Alchemy is a miscellaneous skill that is based on brewing potions. The skill is leveled through creating many potions using brewing stands. Alchemy allows you to brew many of the status effects in Minecraft as potions as well as some new effects that we added.


Catalysis Edit

eSpeed at which ingredients are added to potions, speeding up the brewing process. Each level adds a small increment that raises the speed that a potion will brew. It is unlocked at level 100 and goes up to 4x speed at level 1000.

Concoctions Edit

The Concoctions ability allows you to brew new potions with effects that previously could only be obtained through cheats or other methods, as well as a couple new effects. 

Potion Effects Ingredient Level Type Information
WaterBreathingEffect Potion of Water Breathing Water Breathing Lily Pad Lvl. 0 Buff

Allows you to breath underwater

HasteEffect Potion of Haste Haste Carrot Lvl.


Buff Helps you mine blocks faster
MiningFatigueEffect Potion of Dullness Mining Fatigue Slimeball Lvl. 125 Debuff Makes you mine blocks slower
AbsorptionEffect Potion of Absorption Absorption Nether Quartz Lvl. 250 Buff Gives you 2 additional hearts per level that disappear upon damage.
JumpBoostEffect Potion of Leaping Jump Boost Red Mushroom Lvl. 250 Buff

Allows you to jump higher

AbsorptionEffect Potion of Health Health Boost Apple Lvl. 375 Buff

Gives you 2 refillable hearts per level

HungerEffect Potion of Hunger Hunger Rotten Flesh Lvl. 375 Debuff Makes your hunger decrease faster
NauseaEffect Potion of Nausea Nausea Brown Mushroom Lvl. 500 Debuff Makes the users vision swirl (like entering a Nether portal)
BlindnessEffect Potion of Blindness Blindness Inc Sack Lvl. 500 Debuff Makes the user's range very short
N/A Potion of Saturation Saturation Fern Lvl. 625 Buff Causes the user's hunger bar to increase without the consumption of food.
WitherEffect Potion of Decay Wither Poisonous Potato Lvl. 750 Debuff Gives gradual damage that will kill a user low on health
ResistanceEffect Potion of Resistance Resistance Golden Apple (regular) Lvl. 875 Buff Gives a 20% damage reduction per level

Experience Gain Edit

  • On 1st brew, from water bottle to awkward potion, each potion grants grants the user 15 xp (45 xp for full stand)
  • On 2nd brew, from awkward potion to any other potion, each potion grants the user 30 xp (90 xp for full stand)
  • On 3rd brew, using either redstone or glowstone, each potion grants the user 60 xp (180 xp for full stand)
  • On 4th brew, using gunpowder, each potion grants the user 120 xp (360 xp for full stand)

Exceptions to ExperienceEdit

  • When using spider eyes to make water bottles into potions of weakness each

potion grants 30 xp, skipping the step of granting 15 xp per potion for brewing awkward potions.

  • When turning potions of healing into potions of harming, the use of fermented spider

eye grants no xp. Glowstone grants no xp when used to make potions of harming II, but the use of gunpowder grants 120 xp per potion.

  • When turning potions into their lingering form, the use of Dragon's Breath grants no xp.

Leveling Edit

  • Speed potions are very simple to make, and if you have enough brewing stands, you can easily level your alchemy by making lots of them.
  • Do not alternate between redstone and glowstone - it does not change XP amounts!
  • You can hold up to 36 potions at a time. If you are making batches of potions (for efficiency), keep these numbers in mind. You need 36 glass to make 36 bottles. You need 12 brewing stands, and 12 of whatever ingredients you need to add.

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