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Acrobatics I believe I can fly!
Tool Used
  • Nothing
Interacts With

Landing on the ground

  • Graceful Landing (Active)
  • Roll (Passive)
  • Dodge Chance (Passive)

Acrobatics is an McMMO ability that is leveled by taking damage from falling off high heights and surviving. It allows one to 'roll', reducing/cancelling damage on occasion, holding the sneak key you can execute a 'graceful roll' if you want a more-guaranteed cushion, and adds a dodge chance for halving damage.

Abilities Edit

Graceful landing Edit

A graceful landing happens when you crouch(default is shift) and jump off a block that is 4 blocks tall or higher this will decrease fall damage even more than a roll. this has some advantages and some disadvantages, this is not mostly used in a because most people will not have time to crouch across a while block while some one is hitting them. the advantage is that you will earn more mcmmo xp than a roll earns you.

Roll Edit

Roll is a passive ability that has a chance to decrease fall damage. It decreases fall damage by 7 hitpoints (HeartHeartHeartHalfHeart). Your chance to successfully perform a roll at level 1000 is 100%.

Dodge Edit

This ability, like roll, is a passive. For every level in Acrobatics you increase, you will be granted an extra 0.025% chance to dodge. Dodge halfs the amount of attack damage that you receive when fighting against a mob or player. The dodge chance will cap at level 1000 as any other ability does, ending with a 25% chance to dodge an incoming attack.

Experience Gain Edit

If you die, you don't gain any experience from the fall. Ender pearls allow the player to gain experience in Acrobatics in some servers. Armor also reduces the amount of experience gained because it reduces the damage you inflict upon yourself from falling.

Trivia Edit

  • You gain double the experience when wearing boots with feather falling.
  • Dodging an arrow causes you to gain Acrobatics experience.

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