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Tool Used
  • None
Interacts With
  • The ground, mostly.
  • Graceful Roll (Active)
  • Roll (Passive)
  • Dodge Chance (Passive)

Acrobatics is an McMMO ability that is leveled by taking fall damage. It allows one to 'roll', reducing/canceling damage on occasion, holding the sneak key you can execute a 'graceful roll' if you want a more-guaranteed cushion, and adds a dodge chance for halving damage.


Roll Edit

Decreases fall damage, sometimes to the point of nullifying it entirely. Likelihood of occurring is directly related to level, with a 0.1% increase for every additional level of acrobatics.

Graceful Roll Edit

If you hold down sneak as you fall, there is a chance double that of your roll, for you get to enact a Graceful Landing. As well as having double the chance of a roll, it is twice as effective at reducing damage as an ordinary roll. Even Minecraft is not a perfect world, so even with 33% or 50% graceful roll you may find yourself not getting a graceful landing as often as expected.

Dodge Edit

Half attack damage taken. Chance increases by .025% each level of acrobatics,

100% dodge chance maximum. Fastest way to level up is getting dodges!

Experience In AcrobaticsEdit

The experience gained in Acrobatics is tied directly to fall damage. Each half heart of damage earns 120 XP from a fall with no roll, or 80 XP from a fall where a (graceful) roll was executed. Damage before the (graceful) roll damage reduction is used to calculate the XP, gain. If the fall is fatal, too bad for you, no XP.

In the default config for Mcmmo, wearing boots with feather falling enchanted on them give twice the XP per fall. Edit

Because a player has a maximum of 10 hearts of health, the maximum XP you can earn in Acrobatics is 2280 from a height of 23 with no (graceful) roll, or 2640 from a height of 36 with a graceful landing. As of version 1.4.07 XP can further be gained by wearing enchanted boots with the feather falling protection.

Ender Pearls can no longer be used to quickly gain experience in Acrobatics; not only are they \quick return to the 'fall point'.

Beacons of regeneration are a good idea, but resistance will slow down xp gain because xp is tied directly to fall damage.

How to level up quicklyEdit

Acrobatics AutomationEdit

One way to automatically farm acrobatics experience is to create a redstone elevator. Using this, you can be quickly transported to the top and dropped down. If you have the materials, consider adding a dispenser at the bottom for instant healing. Or a beacon of regeneration, though very demanding in terms of the resources needed.

Acrobatics grinder:

Low Material Farming Edit

One way to farm acrobatics for resource is to make a 23 high tower with ladders on one side with a bed on top, and a cactus near the bottom. You can walk (Not Jump) down to the bottom, and will have half a heart. Kill yourself on the cactus, and you should respawn back on top of the pillar (If you have slept in the bed). Repeat for fast xp. This is not recommended for servers with the factions plugin, as you will lose all of your power from dieing.lmao

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